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To the Public with BBR

Hello Everyone this is SoccerPro!!! I think Big Bang racing is one of the best racing games out there with such good graphics and all the great ideas in it! Especially the fact you can create you own levels! However this game puts many racing games to shame but those racing games are more popular ( not necessarily better ) because they are more well known. That is why I’m starting the BIG BANG RACING IS ONE OF THE BEST challenge. The rules are simple, Go tell 5 or more people what an amazing game Bing Bang racing is. Once that is done in this discussion say: @SoccerPro: BBR 5 or more! To encourage you to do so at the and of each month I will take the first 20 people and give them a shoutout level in Bing Bang Racing! I mean this is such a wonderful game who would not want to now about it?


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