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Favorite HARD Puzzle levels



  • @RudeDog I thought the same thing but it's not in my nature to give up - I'll be trying out the other levels mentioned in this thread soon
  • Another that has been brought up a few times by teammates is "love story" by exoOfox. Nowhere near as hard as Ninos but a challenge none the less. I enjoy all well crafted impossible levels but race impossibles have a little more satisfaction to me cause everyone that plays it knows it can be beat.
  • Oh, BTW love story is a perfect name for it- starts out sweet, hits a rough patch and all hell breaks out
  • @n00b have great new puzzle track check it out
    'Puzzle Rooms (Hard)' tekijä: 'N00b'

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    @noob , how did you make that screenshot of the whole dome? Its awesome
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • @Freakiebeakie It was the smallest dome and I just zoomed out all the way =)
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • Ohh lol, it looked huge :p i thought you maybe did it like the zoom in and out trick to get outside the dome with items.
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
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    I hope you all like my hard level, :D
    Compard to some of the lvls posted here this one is not that hard but still....

    'BZZzzzzZZT Death' by 'Freakiebeakie'

    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
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    'MTC November 2016' by 'Hauzuwienix'

    If it comes to hard levels I still put my Monthly Trackbuilders Contest track to the test.
    Not sure if I had posted it here, yet.
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • n00b said:

    Here you go for any that are interested :)
    'Parkour King (Hard)' by 'N00b'
    Let me know if you can complete it... took me about 45 minutes. Good luck!

    @n00b Holy shit! What cc is needed to even pass the first ramp? I can't reach the 2nde one. Not even with boost. Got 470cc on my bike!

    Did you made a solution video, yet? :)
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • 'Master's Camp' by 'SAYOR '
    This is not too hard. But if you want all map pieces then you need to control it well.
  • 'Red and Blue [Hard]' par 'Nzo37'
    Try to beat my level ! For all CC ! (There is a CC enforcer at the beginning)
    Good Luck !
  • I beat insane asylum very fun!
  • Hi together,

    i like hard Levels at most. This is a Kind of Challenge, and I create some hard, nearly extreme Levels too.

    Please feel free to try my Levels.

    My playername is dprotect

    My Extreme Levels include the word 'Extreme' in Level Name
    Most Difficulty is Thor's Tower Extreme, following by Storm Tower Extreme

    My Hard Levels inlude the Word 'Hard' in Level Name

    Please try out and leave a comment if you beat the extreme ones.

    Thank you

    PS: I will later post about my Expirience for all Tracks are posted in this thread, that are declared as hard
  • So here like i promised my first Levels, that i Raced on. After each Level my Tries to complete, and After that my grade of Difficulty.

    Clockworks (TheBestOneEver) - 4 Tries, Difficulty 3 of 10, not really Hard, many small places.

    Lost Marbles (Jemni) - 4 Tries, 4 of 10
    Usefull Stuff (Jemni) - 4 Tries, 2 of 10
    Climb to Finish (Prolax) - 5 Tries, 4 of 10, need to handle with the wind

    Colombia (Colombia) - 3 Tries, 3 of 10, one little trap, Other easy

    Tough Choices (Defendeddrip39) - 2 Tries, 1 of 10, is A Race, not A Puzzle

    Fire (Very Hard) (Imperial-Storm) - 42 Tries, 7 of 10, need perfectly Break and Gas Timing, final Jump very tricky

    Strouser (Blu) - DNF - 8 of 10, little way to short, of this no higher Difficulty. Just did not Made the last Jump, but See the Finish.

    More Levels will be played Soon.
  • Forgot one:

    Hard Puzzle (Morrepower) - 4 Tries - 2 of 10, like the Level Name said, more Puzzle type
  • edited December 2017
    @dprotect Difficulty- :#
    '1st Anniversary BBR' by Simranjeet L.
    BBR Follow:

    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

    !!Create, Race and Mega Like!!
  • Next two:

    MTC November 2016 (Hauzuwinix) - 10 of 10, Maximum Difficulty, DNF, really Extreme Hard Level.

    1st Anniversary BBR! (Simranjeet L.) - 7 Tries, 4 of 10, Hard is only the start with the Barrels.
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