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Is that some Gold shimmering?

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Hi Guys and Gals!

Well, our dear Level Designer has made ANOTHER golden egg level. If you thought the last one was tricky.. you are in for a bittersweet Treat :D

And to make matters worst.. the level in question is "hidden". However, It should be the first newly downloaded level after the Halloween Update. This means it is the first level after a Chest or a Skull Rider.

I hope you are good diggers, that is all I will say :)


For the previous Golden egg challenge:


  • Well, I found the egg (first level I checked!) getting too it... errr... Assuming I need to do what I think... that's going to be practically impossible.
  • Strike impossible. Replace it with incredibly frustrating.
  • edited November 2016
    Oh Yeah.. I wasn't even able to get there "without" it. Still trying...

  • I hadn't been checking new chats!! Oops... I'm a bit behind on this :D
    Just a guy who loves games : )
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  • Well... I found it but my tablet crashed when I tried to take a screenshot as soon as I found it... :/ Just gonna have to believe me on this one :D Took me 1 try to find the secret part, 10ish tries to get the thing and 1 more to find the gold ;)
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • I need to work on my cryptic messages. Apparently they give out too many details... or the more probable reason, you guys are too good :D

    -- Barb
  • Finding the level is always easy if you haven't played too much since the update.

    I still have no clue what level the first egg is in though....
  • edited November 2016
    @Bibliophile I had played around 50 levels since the update so it took me awhile to find it :D

    @Traplight is it possible to do some kind of comment that has an option to hide parts of it until clicked on? Because now that a bunch of time has passed maybe revealing the first level would help some people who can't find it still.
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • @n00b We will look into it. I have seen that "spoiler alert" feature in other forums. We will try to find something like it :)

    -- Barb
  • What happens if you find it? Bragging rights? Additional coinage?
  • @mccleanj Yeah Bragging rights (specially with screenshots) these are just some hidden spots that we thought would be cool to have. Proper Easter-eggs :)

    Some players also started doing this secretly adding a small area somewhere :)
    --- Barb

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  • Please tell me so i can it

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  • How do I get to the level
  • What’s the level?
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  • woohoo, finally found him. This one was hard :(
  • I wish I could make a golden egg level
  • I wish I could make a golden egg level

    You can’t, but you can still make cool hidden secret places :)
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