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Level Creation Challenge Toy Factory WINNERS!!!

Some levels were Auto, some were Puzzle, some were almost as Tournaments! On this Competition we were amazed by the broad spectrum of levels we received. We loved it!

And well, without further delay, the TOP levels belong to these Creators!!


AltijdTony, BigbadDom, Dart, Je1letv, Matt, Pvil, Simranjeet L, TripleXam, Vtvy.

Your levels were super enjoyable to play and we hope everyone enjoys them on the Path to GLORY!!! :D

And now for some quality number time ;)

The amount of Approved levels has drastically increased from 25% to 41% compared to Halloween's LCC. That means that many more levels were on the top category and less levels had really strong issues. Well done guys! Can we push that number higher up?

That also means that the competition is getting harder, so don't ever be discouraged if you don't reach the top. So be very attentive of smoothness and flow, the tiniest of things can make the difference between winning and not ;)

Here is the amazing wheel of levels!

There are still a few Levels with no theme or even with a wrong URL! We are thinking on how we can improve the participation numbers and help make it easier for everyone.

And lastly, a question up for debate:
Would you rather that we have more winners with smaller prizes or fewer winners and bigger prizes?
--- Barb

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