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Beginners tutorial (Q&A).

edited January 22 in FAQ's
Hi everyone, I realized that we don't have a beginner tutorial Q&A, so I gathered lot's of information and took out some highlights and used them. The game has a Q&A but some questions in this is not in the game Q&A. So if you don't find your answer here then check the game Q&A. So here we go!

Q. I just started using the game and my friend made a team but I can't join.why?

A. You need to have 400+ trophies to join a team.

Q. How do I get trophies?

A. Press "race" on the main screen and then you will be able to race and win trophies if you get at least into the top 2 racers of that race. If you have a higher "cc" (upgraded car) then you have a better chance of winning the race. Note: if you get lower then the top 2 you will lose trophies.

Q. How do I get higher "cc"?

A. You can get higher "cc" by taping your vehicle, and upgrading with your coins. note: if you are wondering which upgrade to get, then my suggestion is go with the "speed" upgrade and the "boost" upgrade (the one on the right row).

Q. How do I get coins?

A. There are 2 ways to get coins. 1 If you make a level and you get liked then you will get 2 coins per like. 2 every week depending on what rank you are in your team you will get coins. Note: your team will not get coins if you have less then 5 members in it or if you are not in the top 20 in your team.

Q. How do I know who is the team leader?

A. The person with the "crown" on him is the leader. A leader can kick his team players, choose if he wants the team closed (make no one able to join), choose if he wants only friends be able to join, (a friend is when you follow someone and someone follows you back, you can see if someone is your game friend if there name shows as green, and it will appear that he has another follow on there profile), and raise the amount of trophies you need to have to join. Note if you follow someone then you will get a in-game notification by your "friends levels" section after the person you followed made a new level and is done with the "good or bad". Read down below for more info about "good or bad".

Q. How do I make a team?

A. You need to pay 1000 coins and then name your team. When you are the leader You can also make a team description were you can put more details about your team.

Q. I started playing the game and I realized that lot's of seppo's levels are in the path and have tip's in the level. How can my level have tip's?

A. First. Seppo is a developer, and developers can force a level to be on the path. Also only the developers can add tip's in your levels. NOTE: the developers just used the first levels of the game from the developers and put tip's on them. So your level will most probably not have a tip in it ;)

Q. What is the path?

A. The actual game levels that you see on the main screen. Like: level 1 level 2 etc. Some Racing levels are also in the path. In-order to play a racing level on the path, go to the main screen and press race, then a random racing level that is on the path will come up.

Q. How do I get my level on the path?

A. If you'r level get's a specific amount of likes on the "good or bad" level rating system (it's a bubble on the right of the main screen that says "good or bad" and you can rate new made levels). if your level doesn't get a lot of likes (in fact it gets allot of dislikes), then it will be takin off the path. The same with "good or bad" levels.

Q. My friend made a new level and I can't play it.why?

A. Well it first gets put in the good or bad, then after around 12 hours it will be visible for all players on your profile. this is so trolls will not dislike your levels right when they see it. Note: only your teammates will be able to see your new level before the end of "good or bad"

Q. Is there a limit of how much people I can follow and be in-game friends with?

A. Yes. It is 99 for friends and for following.

Hope I answered some of your questions :)
I didn't want to make it to long but if you still have a question that is not in the game Q&A and not here then ask it below and ill try to answer you asap :)


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