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Advanced Level testing

Warning: This is probably a thread/idea of a sort you have never even seen on this forum, so it could be hard to understand, if it's hard to understand please do not ask stuff in comments section, thank you

What this is:

A better level tester, you look at the comment above and test their specified level (include links!) and then describe what is good or/and bad about the level, then post your own level that you want to be reviewed, this is like testing a level, sort of like the levels you see in the sky, but it will be a level that is tested, liked and then you give feedback here on the forum, to show how this works:

Player 1:
Review this level [paste link]

Player 2:
this is good about player 1's level: ____ and the bad _____ Next player reviews this lvl: [paste link]

Player 3:
This is good about player 2's level: _____ and the bad _____ Next player reviews this lvl: [paste link]

Player 4:
This is good about player 3's level: ______ and the bad ______ next player reviews this lvl: [paste link]

This is to try to have someone test the level, and give it feedback, this can can be used for any level of yours, but it's best for levels that have an bad ration of likes to dislikes or levels that were just created, this post is to try to get feedback from the levels, the one issue about the level testing system in BBR: the creator does not get feedback! Please try to be as polite as possible when giving feedback here! This is to try and have players understand the good and the bad of their level from a different view, as the creator likely thinks different about the level than the players, this aims to try and get a player to tell the creator what they think, remember: before posting a level, you must also do the level of the last player


you must give feedback and then post a level - both is nessesary to keep the system running smoothly

Please be honest with the feedback, we want good feedback - and good feedback isn't always saying that your level is perfect - it is not!

We are a good community! Let's keep this running by following the above rules!

I will start: review this level please: 'The Nature Show' by 'Xx Wither xX'

One more thing - if you have feedback, but you can't post because of not having a level to request feedback then just post feedback on their wall or PM them!
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