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We noticed that many people in Big Bang Racing are either looking for a suitable team, or wanting to recruit people to join their team, so why not start a discussion here!

So please post here if you have a Team with open slots and tell a bit about what kind of players you are looking for and if the team has a Trophy limit etc. If you are a person looking for your dream Team, advertise yourself here and get the Team leaders to fight over who gets to have you in their Team :D

We don't want anyone left out of the fun, or Teams being only half full!


  • Hello, whoever reads this. You should join MJXS if you are cool. It's just a group of friends, but don't let that stop you!
  • Join my team, I just made it, Level Masters
  • I want people that have 10000+ likes, 3000 trophies+, the team is too have fun and help each other make levels, ideas
  • Team "Madrid" is looking for new members. We're a team of casual players that is steadily working its way up the ranks. Anyone active is welcome - I keep a slot open and drop the lowest inactive player as new players join. This keeps the team fresh and progressing up the ladders.
  • Brutal Deluxe .. no goals.. minimum trophies required.. play.. build.. vote positive on levels made by members.. that's all i ask
  • "Ice Cream! Ice Cream!" ;)
  • Would love to have serious track builders join over at Trackbuilders, a team dedicated to building and sharing your tracks with each other, if that's something you enjoy :)
    Team Trackbuilders: Join our monthly track contest (MTC)
    All are welcome to participate!

  • It seems that @numbnuts and @comp have similar ideas for Teams. I took the time to check and you both have 2 players each, why not combine both Teams and start getting more Likes going? :)


  • Maybe you should only allow people to switch groups once or twice per day? We just had someone drop into our group only to promote their own group. It's not a big deal but it seems rather rude... :-)

    - Wombat
  • Yea wombat, that kind of thing will get old fast, that was weak :/
    @Traplight Thanks for taking your time to check out our teams Barb! And thanks for the suggestion :) I only just recently made the team. I suspect people will trike in over time ;) Trackbuilders is a name that's pretty clear about what it's about and I imagine there are a good deal of builders out there looking for the same sort of thing. I know I was.. but I couldn't find anything so I made one xP
    Team Trackbuilders: Join our monthly track contest (MTC)
    All are welcome to participate!

  • @wombat Yea, that wasn't very nicely done. I have passed this on to our designers, maybe there is some easy fix we can do to prevent this type of behaviour :) Thank you for letting us know!
  • Easy fix: You can't join another team for 24 hours once you have left your current team.

    It won't stop *everyone*, but someone would have to be very determined to go advertising.
  • "Swims in Lava" is a new team looking for members who like to have fun and create some fun levels for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking for a fun casual team this is the team for you. :)
  • Join my new team "Northern Lights". 500 trophy minimum. Casual but steady players.
  • Join Vape Nation! One space left so join fast! Minimum 3100 trophies
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • edited April 2017
    Looking for American players that are fans of the show Rick and Morty! Or any fans of the show! My team is Rick&Morty c137. If my trophy limit is too high I can lower it, I just don't want more inactive players -_-
  • Join "Race to the Top" now! Just created it. Got tired of no one being active in my group that was top 30 in world. Over 2k trophies please.
  • Why was my comment reported as spam? This is the team joining thread is it not?
  • I am not the commercial type... but everybody who thinks he/she might be a talented builder of awesome nice looking tracks, is pretty welcome in team Trackbuilders. You may race and raise your trophies, but our main goal lies in creating the most awesome tracks ever made. We contain a handful of the finest trackbuilders around, but we want much more and better creative heads to build up the most talented team on BBR.

    Just contact us in our official team thread for more info. And if you want to apply, just post your best track in our official team thread to show us what you've got.

    Our team is supported by traplight itself, since they've recognized the quality of the tracks we make. And if you love to compete, we do theme based MTC's (monthly trackbuilding competitions) every month to see who's got the best solution to a specific theme with fix parameters. Supported by traplight, there are prices to win as well, if you join the official contest.

    We want to make BBR great again. B)

    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • Dang, it’s hard to create a good level, Ive got my own team (da idiot empire3) previous complications made me have to delete the first two
  • Maritimers looking for players.
  • Frustrated by inactive players?, Tired of being one of the 10 active players on your team?, Looking for friends as well as fellow players?. Here’s your solution; Join IRONFIST. We are a new team, set up from members of a top 5 team, who got bored of working hard whilst others savoured in the glory of our slogging.

    This new team requires active players, both through winning trophies and through chat. We are a friendly bunch who enjoy both the building and the racing.

    If you’re interested then join IRONFIST today whilst stocks last, terms and conditions apply, always read the label, your home may be at risk if you don’t keep up repayments.
  • Join the *NEW* secondary team of The Movement, The Movement 2.
    This team has been made with the purpose of leaving the best players on The Movement, while other players with fewer trophies can join this one!
    We are a great team, expecting for some competitive players
  • I need a team to join, that doesn’t require racing
  • > @keeger12345 said:
    > I need a team to join, that doesn’t require racing

    You could rejoin green team
  • @vtvy sorry I join fakers team
  • Need players on Maritimers lots of spots left.
  • Y-Nots! .. a team about CREATING LEVELS,so if interested just join. You can race too,I don’t really care,the only thing I hate is when you ask us all day long to follow you and like your levels. So.... join and happy building/Racing.. btw we have our monthly challenge.. Dominic’s out. ✌️
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