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February's LCC - Together Forever!

edited February 15 in Creation Competitions

Together Forever Racing Level Creation Competition

The rules are simple:
Create one Racing level and publish it.
Use the Theme: Together Forever ;)
Follow our recommendations below.

Submit your Level --On this Google Forms Page --
Last submission day is Sunday February 25th.

Racing Level Building Recommendations (also apply for Tournament Levels)
  • Make it Flow! These levels need to be fast and offer no resistance to flow.
  • Don't stop the players! So no Gears, Elevators, or other Editor items that stops players.
  • Think about the Nitros. Place many spots where they could be used and let the players find which one is best.
  • Use your creativity to adhere to the theme :)
  • Multiple paths can be fun.
  • Don't put traps that kill the players, it's no fun dying on a Race, or getting stuck having to restart.
  • Don't forget excitement!
  • Test, Test, Test! Make sure everything works perfectly!!!!!
  1. 1rst place - A 3 day Tournament on March 23rd + 1000 Gems! (Build a new level for this!)
  2. 2nd place - A 2 day Tournament on March 9th + 500 Gems! (Build a new level for this!)
  3. Runner ups - Your level manually featured on the PATH with 5,000 guaranteed visits!
The amount of runner ups will be determined by the quality of levels!!

This is the perfect way to prove to us that you have what it takes to make great Tournament levels!

May the best Racing Levels be shared!!!
--- Barb

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