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Update from Traplight 19. March 2018

'During 2017 and the beginning of 2018 we’ve presented and evaluated 20-30 game ideas, and of those 7 moved to pre-production, and 3 have moved to production. The funnel is improving all the time as we learn more about what kind of ideas have a seed for greatness and how to make each step of the funnel more efficient.

We already have had a couple of first playables in internal testing, and one game currently in Alpha launch. As of now, Big Bang Racing is our only global live game, but we are looking forward to seeing our new projects reach Soft and Global Launch soon in the future.

The careful funneling strategy for every game idea sounds like an amazing measure to put into place when considering & developing Traplight games
Great Work =) :+1:
BBR Follow:


!!Create, Race and Mega Like!!


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