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About the cancellation of the Olympian Championships.

We are terribly sorry to announce that due to unforeseen technical problems, we will not be able to host the Olympian Championships and they will have to be cancelled.

We are aware of the effects to those involved and for that reason we want to make the following adjustments:


We will still keep the Tally of the top 20 from week 1 and from week 2, sum it up and get the top 16.
  • Reward for the top 16 Racers: a Trail of their choice, given that they communicate with us via in-game Support chat.

If players are still interested in doing something, we can arrange that the same top 16 players that would have otherwise participated in June's Creation Championship, can participate in a Tournament Level Creation small event, where the top levels (chosen by us) will earn their creators a Tournament slot in the upcoming months.
  • Reward for the top 16 Creators on May's Leaderboard: A premium Editor item, given that they communicate with us via in-game Support chat.

** The rewards will be given to those that would have otherwise been able to participate in the Championships. For Creation, there is the possibility to turn it into a small Creation Challenge, if those top players are interested.

Once again we are sorry about this turn of events. And we apologize for the inconveniences that this might have caused.
--- Barb

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  • Shame it's a no go..but we all love a good tournament...from a race point..what is the reward..a trail of their choice?
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    I am sorry to hear that. I understand that a lot of preparation went into this Thanks for allowing us to continue up to a point if we choose to. :+1: :)
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    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

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  • I'm sorry to see it go.
  • I wonder what these “unforeseen technological difficulties” are?
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    Thank you for Slippy the Toad, it's an awesome hat :D
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    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

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  • Good thing: we found Slippy :)
  • > @Je1letv said:
    > Good thing: we found Slippy :)

    This frog didn't turn into a prince methaforicly speaking, a real shame, I think it would have made the Big Bang Racing community active again.
  • Shame. But good communication guys at least.
  • Sucks bout technical difficulties but hey we finally got the super rare slippy and top 16 get a free trail which is still cool. My only issue is that my in game support chat hasn’t worked in months, it says there’s a network issue even when I’m home so I’m hoping that can get figured out so I can still get my trail
  • OMG! Hahahaha go to hats and put slippy on if you haven’t already, and in the display mode watch the back end of the toad for a hilarious surprise!
  • I'm sorry they don't begin anymore Je1letv, great level still ;) .
  • I wish I could get the premium editor item, but I can only get it if I’m top 16 of may leaderboard
  • @Gdn, we've had our good times and not so good times together...... but putting all aside, you could not be more correct with your sentiments. Today's world of short attention spans has shaped the APP market in a way that we will never quite understand. Little money is to be made by growning and developing games, any more. Profitability comes from "what's new" and not "what's good". Any developer knows (as due its new victims) that the race is not for quality but for the best quality within a timeframe based on mass quantity. People play games until they no longer win with ease or until they have to pay. They cannot see the reward in developing skills or the need to contribute to a game they love to ensure its longevity. Nevertheless, those who are loyal and contribute financially should not be led to believe that their interests are considered a priority when the ultimate interest is continued viability and cash flow. That said, this game cannot continue if other ventures aren't shifted to Traplight's priority due to the outlook by the ever changing, increasingly impatient, misguided youth that dominate the free-gaming market.

    Very, very well said and that goes for @gdn too.

    For getting a 2 dollar trail, well sry guys, but we all know that Traplight has too many technological difficulties ;) most of the feedback we put on forums is not put in game, mostly because of technological difficulties and not having enough developers.
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  • That's the dissadvantage of Traplight Games, they have great content but since they're small they can only post so much.
    <3 <3
  • So if I'm getting this right, If you still hit the top 16 from may to june with levels. You could get a premium editor item?
  • Yea that's right I believe cfox..
    I think it would be nice to offer the racers one of their race levels on the race path and some gems aswell....
  • edited April 25
    > @gdn said:
    > I really wish I could double thumbs down this whole mess. Some players were spending gems to get where they are now and were probably pretty deep into them since you cancelled it with less than a day left.
    > We were led to believe that we would have an opportunity to get a very rare hat unlike the gold helmet which pretty much everyone has now.
    > This whole thing when combined with the broken promises that were made during the anniversary update that a racers update would follow have left me (probably others) pretty frustrated with Traplight.
    > *** and you'll reward us with a 2 dollar trail? Worthless ***

    While I am not quite as frustrated as @gdn , I completely understand the sentiment. By the time the challenge was cancelled, I had burned through 3000 gems. Had it not been for getting a new pb last season, I likely would have considered that a large waste of resources. @Mike_the_Vike summarized things well and I agree with him. These 'little' issues with the game seem to be adding up. Each on their own isn't a big deal, but there seems to be a pattern that would suggest the need for some improvement. jm2c
  • Can't agree more... well said

  • Congratulations to the Top 16 Racers!!
    Those numbers that you gathered were pretty impressive guys!
    @Dce got 27,466 trophies in two seasons!! with 15,739 in the first week!
    on second place @ZooperMcDaddo tallied 27,072!
    And both were top 1 and 2 on both weeks!

    I know things didn't worked out as we all would have wanted, but we do hope you had a good time racing.

    Send us a message through in-game support so we can enable a trail of your choice in your accounts :)
    --- Barb

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  • Very well done racers :+1: Choose wisely! :)
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    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

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  • Is the trail for all 16 or just top 2?
  • It’s for all 16 DK, :) also congrats zooper, I knew you could do it :)
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  • Thanks now to wait on devs response via support
  • Yes its for all 16 :)
    --- Barb

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  • Devs.
    Thanks alot for the rewards 😊 you guys are the best!
  • Weldone guys much love.... to all in the alliance and crea in our team... great job guys...
  • Thanks for the trail :)
  • Thanks for the comments guys! we really appreciate them :D xoxo
    --- Barb

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