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Beginner guide: How to prevent getting dislikes, and get more likes instead.

We have no control over who sees our Levels, but brought my time as a creator it’s become apparent that there are a few simple tips to increase your likes, and decrease your likes. I will sort these by creator rank because it will be hard to grasp all of this information at the same time. Getting all of this information at the same time and then using it all at the same time just won’t work. It also takes a while to go through all of the creator ranks (especially after advanced creator.) Since I am only an advanced creator I will not do a Veteran or Superstar section for this, and no ilmarinen too. Oh and 1 more thing we get to before this list, I have 65000 likes and 1350 followers so I am no noob :) think about it as 2/3 to Veteran creator.

Bonus tips are not necessary and you can do without them, actually you could do without any of these tips but it’s better this way :)
Do NOT read ALL of this and expect to benefit, only try to do the things that are in your creator rank/level, even if the stuff is cool someday you WILL get to it. Work on making these things a habit, it’s good for your creating skills :)


Tip #1: Do not use lava in dangerous places. Lava (the red material) only gives you dislikes because some people rage if they keep dying in the lava.

Tip #2: try to make the level as smooth as possible, bumpy levels will not earn you likes. Sure your levels can have hills, but no annoying bumps.

BONUS: Tip #3: I’d reccomend looking at other’s levels for inspiration and try to learn why this level is good/bad and things to make it better, then apply those things to levels of yours if you can. This player should have 50000 likes or more. (Preferably veteran creator or higher)


Tip #1: Test Levels multiple times so you will know whether it needs improvement, always fix the level, no matter how small the problem is.

Tip #2: go for QUALITY, not QUANTITY, some people make tons of trash levels, but those that aim to make less levels, but put more quality in them do better.

BONUS: Tip #3: Join a team with a Veteran (or higher) creator and ask hem tips on building, depending on who you ask the tips will vary. Try not to go to Trackbuilders when doing this since it’s always full. Instead go to any other team. Here are three suggestions of teams:

Y-Nots (ask Dominic for tips, or me if u want, but Dominic is probably better ;) )
Trackbuilders 2 (NOT original Trackbuilders) (ask NOOB for tips)
Team: SKIPPER (ask Lorp Loggins for tips)

These are just three teams through, I’m sure there are more!


Tip #1: Now that you are “advanced” you need to decorate a little more, try decorating with the different brushes that they give you. It costs no complexity too!

Tip #2: Master the power plates, power switches, and CC enforcers. Do NOT go crazy on them, because honestly when you become advanced it is REALLY tempting to go power switch crazy, as well as use TONS of CC enforcers. Instead, you should look at your casual pre-advanced levels and look at how you can implement power plates or switches in them to make hem better. Then create a level similar to that one, with a few power plates/switches and maybe a CC enforcer if needed.

Bonus: Tip #3: Create your style. It doesn’t have to be new, just find something that you’re comfortable with and gives you a good like payoff. I would really save this for Veteran creator, but even through this is in “advanced section” you should have 50000 likes before starting this.

Thank you for reading, try to use these tips, and happy creating. Please comment down below, and give me anything that I might have missed on this guide.
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    Well written :) :+1: ,
    My tip: Test out your imagination :)
    -Think outside the box
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  • Great beginner guide! :+1:
    Here’s some tips:
    For Fledgling & Unranked creators
    - DON’T abuse in mud & metal.
    - Stop say: “Like my level and follow me please” or something like that in the global chat; use your time to create better levels than wasting it writing these useless things.
    - In race, don’t use elevators or something that stop the player.
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