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Y-Nots! Team. Level creation in “my words” and our monthly challenge levels.

Don't Rush
The key to creating a great level is time.  You need time to place everything, and to test it out to make sure that your level works

Creating a level is more than just designing a layout and building whatever environment you feel like building. Good level design amps up the player experience

The function of level design is to focus, intensify, and cull the game’s mechanics, so that the game is the best it can be.

The goal of level design is to create opportunities for interesting gameplay. Sometimes balance is less interesting than imbalance, and sometimes the best practices lead to stale level design. Balance should mean interesting variety, and that feeling of balance emerges from the way players can move through the “map”, what they can see as they move, and how items create dynamic gameplay within the level.
In short, you should consider all of the advices within the context of the level you are making.It is good to know the best practices, but it is better to develop an instinct for good design, and determine for yourself what is best.

Y-Nots! Team is all about “Creating Levels”. We have our monthly challenge. The winner(the most liked level)will say what the next level theme should be the next month.

If you wanna join our team,please,and I say it again,PLEASE don’t spam,don’t ask everyone to follow you. I will follow every player that joins our team so please don’t ask us to follow you or double like your levels.

Have fun and happy building.

We will post here all the MYNC(monthly y-nots challenge)Levels.


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