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  • But the level should be cleared without using nitro Exactly. And the only way to ensure people use them is to not have them. How many players have published a level with the starting point at the wrong place, because they forgot to change it bac…
  • The problem is, some players have 300+ levels, and that would take a while to download and would lower the game's performance. Also, sadly, just "adding one button" takes way more time than just adding a button. Remember how long it took to develo…
  • The rules are simple: Create one Racing level and publish it. Use the Theme: Together Forever Racing
  • BTW! A reminder: You can only submit ONE level! Some people have been submitting several. In those cases we only see the first one and the rest as disqualified. We don't even play those as it goes against the set rules for the competition. So be s…
  • It's the Theme
  • @barb I still don’t understand this lcc What is it that you don't understand?
  • @Barb Are you allowed to create more than one level? You can only participate with one, So make a few, take your time and choose wisely Yes, this time the challenge is to me a NORMAL RACING Level. But by doing so, you need to prove that you can …
  • It's weird how we get lots of people saying that they want the Snow off, and that it's past it's time (Even tough here in Finland we still have many months of snow left, maybe until April/May) Yet our numbers show that when we have the snow textures…
  • Well, it's a head's up, but it could be either Adventure, Racing or Tournament. Who knows ?
  • Hey guys! This has been a headache! our usual method for getting rid of broken levels has not worked with this level in particular. Many players are experiencing this issue. Our guys are on it and hopefully we can have a fix for it soon. We apologi…
  • wow voting is a few weeks! Also would moderators be in game moderators too, or just the forums? Yes, just the forums, we don't actually have moderator accounts inside the game, if we need to do something, it is done from out back end tools
  • There will be, and it will be two birds with one stone We will release more details as soon as we set it up But it's coming soon.
  • We still need to work out some details before we move forward, but this is still ongoing!
  • What we are also thinking about the LCC's (what we are calling them now, Level Creation Challenge) is to pre-anounce that we will have one before we actually start, so that players can start getting ready for it, and then we announce the Theme and s…
  • Also, now is the time for any feedback you have on the event! I meant feedback about the Level Creation Challenges not the Tournaments
  • It was just my internet that was slow and re-sent the information. No buggys there
  • Alright! The level Creation Challenge is now officially Closed! Interestingly enough, we received more views, but less entries than last time. We will continue to study the participation on these challenges to try to create the best events that we…
  • We really look at the quality of the levels, not really who makes them nor their creator levels. However, very consistently, players with high creator ranks make very good levels, hence why their level is high We thought it would be unfair to excl…
  • You seem to be having the same problem as someone else. If you are following links from your browser from portrait mode, try switching to landscape mode and then moving into the game. Would that work?
    in Screen Bug Comment by Barb December 2017
  • it seems that is not able to connect, so it loads some parts then loops as it tries to connect again. Probably a momentarily bad internet connection?
  • Ah good to hear!
  • Muad'Dib!! (*hides and see if anyone gets the reference*)
  • Just as an update: We have received 68 entries so far! Choosing the top 5 for each category will be difficult! I'm just glad its not only 1 winner. Remember to be very mindful of your levels and check them well. We have received so far 20 levels t…
  • It seems that the game is not able to scale to the correct proportions. I think it should automatically go Landscape, but are you using the iPod on Portrait for browser and then switching to the game to Landscape?
  • These are very weird things indeed, when things like this happen, close the app and reopen it, most of the times this will fix it.
  • Remember that posting your levels here will NOT include them in the challenge. To be considered they must follow the rules and be submitted through the page located here: http://bit.ly/Winter_LC
  • Hi guys! Unfortunately yes. All we can do is ask them to switch it but it is up to them to do it. We can't force them to remove the link to Facebook because that is how they choose to link their account. And it is Facebook the one that deal with the…
  • @Barb do you mean that we can create both An adventure level and A racing level, or just 1 from the two categories? Thx YES!! you can submit TWO levels, one for Adventure and one for Racing!! @keeger12345 also Yes! We will test the levels the sam…
  • Hi! Well, we use the Double Fragment mondays is right after a Tournament. This is because when everyone is so busy grinding the Tournament level, very few keep playing the GoB levels and the queue increases a lot. That means that if normally you wou…
  • Hi guys! Well, out of the bat I would see some serious coding required to make this work. As I understand it, when you create a level it is saved on your local device until you click "save", this is when the level is sent to our servers for safekeep…