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  • It seems that the game is not able to scale to the correct proportions. I think it should automatically go Landscape, but are you using the iPod on Portrait for browser and then switching to the game to Landscape?
  • These are very weird things indeed, when things like this happen, close the app and reopen it, most of the times this will fix it.
  • Remember that posting your levels here will NOT include them in the challenge. To be considered they must follow the rules and be submitted through the page located here: http://bit.ly/Winter_LC
  • Hi guys! Unfortunately yes. All we can do is ask them to switch it but it is up to them to do it. We can't force them to remove the link to Facebook because that is how they choose to link their account. And it is Facebook the one that deal with the…
  • @Barb do you mean that we can create both An adventure level and A racing level, or just 1 from the two categories? Thx YES!! you can submit TWO levels, one for Adventure and one for Racing!! @keeger12345 also Yes! We will test the levels the sam…
  • Hi! Well, we use the Double Fragment mondays is right after a Tournament. This is because when everyone is so busy grinding the Tournament level, very few keep playing the GoB levels and the queue increases a lot. That means that if normally you wou…
  • Hi guys! Well, out of the bat I would see some serious coding required to make this work. As I understand it, when you create a level it is saved on your local device until you click "save", this is when the level is sent to our servers for safekeep…
    in Team Levels Comment by Barb December 1
  • No, I mean RAM, not storage space
  • Can you tell us what the Ram is on your Device? If you have low Ram, those objects are quite heavy and your device might not be able to handle them :S
  • .only 118 entrys wow I thought there would be more. Can you please tell me what was bad with my level @Barb "Only" ;_; we still had to play them all and took a lot of time
  • Moderation could be a nightmare for this. Just like you thought, players could be very mean, let alone trolls. Also, we have to take into consideration that most players just want to go to the next level, and next, and next. Forcing them to stop an…
  • I wouldn't call it a bug, but more like the Portals doing what they were programmed to do. If you put one on top of the other, different devices will probably make the calculations differently on which Portal to listen to. Also it could be that, as …
    in Portal Bug Comment by Barb October 30
  • Oh Jev.. breaking your game right before your Tournament tst tst tst Silly question but have you tried closing the game and reopening for a fresh reload? Else, you might need to reinstall if it doesn't clear up with fresh restart.
    in Bug....... Comment by Barb October 26
  • The same is true for many devices. Some devices can handle multi-touch very well, but many don't. Some allow only 2 touches and if you accidentally touch any part of the screen with another finger or even the palm of your hand, then the next button …
  • If they don't have access to your account, then there is no need to worry. However if they use the same device as you and they can access your account, then it could be that they delete your account. We strongly recommend that you take measures to…
    in Help plz! Comment by Barb October 23
  • Sorry about it! It seems that those players that already had that level loaded are having problems getting it removed. It is no longer shown to new players, but for those that still have it, please reinstall the game from the store. And remember to…
  • Do you mean the password from the forums?
  • We are looking into this. It seems to us that there was a bugged level on the "queue" for the Good or Bad levels that is causing issues. Actually, I just found it and removed it from the game. You should get a new level instead of that broken one n…
  • We liked it a lot (obviously ) I'd only would love seeing the last "ramp" a bit more smooth, but we thought decoration and flow were spot on, and tons of chances to try something differently, plenty of chances to use Nitro at different spots and sk…
  • Go to Settings - Support, and then there is a chat bubble. There Just say something like "Please check if i'm banned" that way we can find the ticket and know what to do
    in So unfair Comment by Barb October 13
  • Yes, i was actually scolded about it x_X hahaha Yeah they should be 15-20 seconds to give a chance for skill to shine more and have more effect over longer time. But I didn't know that before
  • Hi guys, sorry for the delay! it was actually a weird glitch going on when reconnecting an account and duplicated the deleted states of the levels that he/she had published. And when they were deleted, it showed the minus :S Don't don't worry, our…
  • Oh sorry!, We had been super busy with the Level challenge that I apologize for neglecting the forums. Just send us a support ticket and we can see what happened with your account. And by the way, don't worry about reports. We go through them and…
    in So unfair Comment by Barb October 12
  • We actually judged the levels with a "blindfold" system. We basically played the levels straight from the URL without looking at who made it. This way we avoided being biased towards players that we already knew, their rank, racing status, time in t…
  • If the total count of the Team members is 51, then I think it's just an old bug we once saw. If it's 50 spots, then you might need to kick them both and have just the "one" rejoin. Try it out and see if that solves it.
  • We have look into this problem and we have had one or two the same in the history of the game. It´s visual bug in the players end and can be fixed by Reinstalling the game, You are not getting robbed, game has just changed (some byte gone sideways o…
  • Alright! The competition is officially closed and we are now tallying the results and evaluating the levels. Don't worry, We will let you know who wins But give us a few days! This will take some time as we got 119 levels!!
  • Yes, and some of those Adventure levels were amazing! There was one in particular that I loved. Too bad But it did had tons of likes on it's own.
  • That would be awesome for sure. We will let the designers know about it. Let's see what they say
  • Oh, and the reason why we didn't "limit to 1 response" in the forms is because it would require people to sign in. Since we want the process of applying to go as easy as possible, we thought i'd be best to not force a login