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  • Most of the players I know of are getting this. It makes it all the more rewarding when you win. I'm up against 1,200 cc constantly at the moment. Just upgrade wisely (I'd suggest speed upgrades first) and you'll get there soon enough.
  • What's annoying about it?
  • Hi devs. So, I was quick to complain last week and I will be equally quick to praise - thanks so much for putting it back to top 20. So very much appreciated.
  • Another one: idol heroes
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce June 21
  • Another one: Goldie's Millions
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce June 20
  • @tml - who is that aimed at?
  • First one: Walking war robots.
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce June 19
  • Thanks @Barb - I'll keep a note of which ones are causing the issues and let you know.
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce June 19
  • Just wanted to let you know that this issue has started up again for me. Once I have watched an ad, the screen goes blank and I have to exit the game and go back in for the reward to appear. Just thought it would be good to give you a heads up, an…
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce June 19
  • Hi @Barb thanks for the reply. In my frustration at the events of yesterday, I failed to notice that I had received the gems. I can confirm that I do have them. Thanks again for the reply.
  • Twenty replies to this post and it seems that very few people actually give a toss about the changes. Either that or they don't think that saying anything would help. Really disappointed. If you don't like the changes, please speak up. Likewise, if…
  • Why not reward people in the same way as tournaments - a mixture of gems and gold and maybe chests. That was suggested by @Miss_Yotsuba and Matt today on our team and I think it's a brilliant idea.
  • Some in my team have received their gems now. Do you know when I will receive mine please?
  • @Seppo @Barb are you able to at least acknowledge that you will be able to make the change back to top 20 rather than top 10. Most of the guys in our team are just not going to bother now as they know they won't make top ten and they don't want to…
  • I don't have a problem with the change from gems to coins, but I have a major problem with only rewarding the top 10 in the team. Top 20 was fine - please put it back to that.
  • Sorry, but this change is crazy. A major change like this should have been announced first, if only to gauge opinion, not just followed out with no fanfare and left for us to discover it on the day. I see you've addressed the issue of the missing …
  • Hey all. Firstly, I'm fine @Mike_the_Vike , thanks for asking @gdn I appreciate the reply and your thinking behind it, but @Miss_Yotsuba sums up my thoughts rather well. I spent money building up my kart and bike so I could do my bit for the team …
  • Yeah, a lot of the team are doing really well. Looks like a brilliant battle.
  • Works fine for me @chenz can you share the video? i want to know how to pass the lvl because it's keep bouncing in my game. my current cc is 550cc If somebody can show me how to do this, I'll gladly do it.
  • I spend cash on this game too - don't you worry about that
    in Thanks Comment by Bruce May 20
  • Works fine for me @chenz
  • Happening to me too. Only just noticed as I've been off all week. I'm using an iPad with the latest iOS update.
  • No, it happens all the time. You watch an ad, it goes black and then you have to exit the game and go back into it. It then spins and you get the chest.
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce April 28
  • Hey @Barb I get this too. iOS 10.3.1 is my version.
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce April 27
  • DEAL!!
  • YES!! @tml I'm so happy you're coming back. You're much missed my friend.
  • Oh my, I've just seen this @Miss_Yotsuba - thank you so much. Not sure why you chose me as I'm certainly not that good, but thanks, it's very much appreciated my friend I love your feistiness, and you're never give up attitude, love @tml and his l…
  • Wow!! Well done for that. I was in a team with Miss Y and she narrowly beat another team member after being goaded by him in our chat - good fun
  • We moved it to this week TML, as everybody was focusing on the tourney )
  • @ElChapo Big Bang Racers don't hate you, you were rude, obnoxious and racist so we asked you to leave. Based on the evidence I've seen, it would appear that you've not changed at all.