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  • Hey @Piddi We are looking into this, and so far we haven't been able to find the bug you are describing. We will keep checking and let you know if we find anything
    in Cc enforcer bug Comment by wempu July 27
  • @NOob There is a prompt asking you "Are you SURE you want to delete this level", so you cannot accidentally delete any levels by just hitting the red button If you have already deleted two levels by accident, please be more careful in the future an…
    in DELETE LEVELS Comment by wempu July 27
  • Hey everyone on this thread: Please refrain from spamming many messages in a row, but instead write all you have to say in one message and then send This is a Forum, not a chat app. Also, when you post your level, please write the level info in the…
  • Hi guys, the update won't cause any problems with your saved and unfinished levels You will be able to continue building them and add all the new items that come with the update, and do the goal swap as well, no matter when you started building the…
  • Go to your Create Menu in the game, then tap any of your levels in your published level list, and choose the "share" icon. Then you can "Copy URL to Clipboard" and then paste it here on the forum! I hope this helps (Share icon in Android: Share…
  • @Nzo37 There will be Bike Tournaments coming as well, but so far we have had more Car Tournaments as it's a bit more popular vehicle and it's also easier for also beginners to grasp
  • Welcome back @packid851bbr !
  • The Reindeer and Santa hats were special Christmas Update gifts, that were only available during December and January. Maybe this Christmas we will also have some nice, exclusive gifts, so you should stick around ^^
  • If any of you guys have a problem with connecting to Google or Facebook, or any questions about how it works, please contact our Support with an in-game chat message Go to Settings -> Support -> New Message. Cheers!
  • There is a thread which covers this topic, so just check it out! Click here to read the posts
  • @packid851bbr That's why it's called a challenge! And just keeping it small will do the trick, so instead of trying to do the BEST and MOST AMAZING huge level there is, people should concentrate on creating a nice, small, neat track that is polished…
  • Thanks @packid851bbr I'm glad you like the art! We will post this info in the game as well later this week to make sure all players (not just Forum people) see it! But you can already spread the link to your friends so we get as many questions as po…
  • I'd like to see number 5, Super Complex Puzzle The kind that isn't deadly or fast, but just requires you to think and figure out how to complete it!
    in Some Ideas.. Comment by wempu July 12
  • Hi there @CommanderBeta ! Sometimes, when you create some chain reactions or other contraptions that rely on different physics based things to happen at an exact time or place, the game engine is not able to repeat everything exactly the same after …
  • Hi there @Gr3gy Those cars were part of an older version of the game, but they were taken out before the launch. We have however other cool stuff coming up, and hopefully they will be as rewarding as those different cars would be We have also been …
  • Hi @AdamUnoun Miss Yotsuba broke the Community Rules again after given a warning for her behaviour earlier. For this reason she was flagged in the game, and banned from the Forum. Please read the response that @Barb wrote here on the Forum explainin…
  • @packid851bbr Can you send email to support@traplightgames.com and explain your situation in as much detail as you can. We might be able to help you with resetting the game without you losing progress. Thanks!
  • @tml I'm giving you a warning for your tone and behaviour. Please refer to our Community Rules and act accordingly: http://forum.bigbangracinggame.com/discussion/682/important-community-rules It is ok to disagree on things, but it is not ok to call …
  • And to answer your question about the copyright, I have no idea! We need to look into it
  • Haha Well, as a non-native English speaker it's easy to mishear it But interesting that Google was still able to give you the thing that you were looking for even if it was misspelled xD
  • @Emin Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been brought up by players many times, and we are working to find some solutions to it. We will let you know more when we have a good solution in mind But don't worry, you've been heard, and we are …
  • That's a complicated issue, because sometimes the level is really bad and long, and it would be cruel to make people finish the level before they can say their opinion about it. I am not sure how it would affect our rating system overall if everyone…
  • @DeJota_CDI Do you mean Guy Fawkes? This one: https://rosettastoneweb.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/vforvendetta.jpg
  • @packid851bbr We sent an admin message to the Team Chat, and they are now aware of your phone problems, and that you will come back as soon as your phone works again. Let us know if you need anything else! ^^
  • @packid851bbr Thanks for letting us know! We'll try to reach the team and let them know Cheers!
  • Hi @Miss_Yotsuba We have answered you in more detail about this subject in the Support chat. Hopefully we can get this sorted out. Thanks.
  • @SchwiftyRick I don't know which CoC Hog Rider or Fallout hats you are talking about! We happen to have a "stylish hair and mustache", and a "post apocalyptic helmet" But yea, the thing is that they are different enough from the originals that insp…
  • @Schwifty_Rick There is already a huge thread about how to get all the secret hats. According to our Community Rules you are supposed to always first check if there is already a thread about the subject before posting. Duplicate threads will be remo…
  • @Schwifty_Rick Hi there. Unfortunately Rick and Morty is a copyrighted cartoon, and we can't use their characters or their likenesses in our game without buying a licence first, and that is something that we won't be doing at this point
  • Hi everyone. The levels we use are picked based on how fun they are to play. The host (eg. YouTuber) is a separate thing, and the level doesn't necessarily have to be created by the Host. For some of the hosts we (Traplight team) have created the le…