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  • No, it happens all the time. You watch an ad, it goes black and then you have to exit the game and go back into it. It then spins and you get the chest.
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce April 2017
  • Hey @Barb I get this too. iOS 10.3.1 is my version.
    in Ad bugs Comment by Bruce April 2017
  • DEAL!!
  • YES!! @tml I'm so happy you're coming back. You're much missed my friend.
  • Oh my, I've just seen this @Miss_Yotsuba - thank you so much. Not sure why you chose me as I'm certainly not that good, but thanks, it's very much appreciated my friend I love your feistiness, and you're never give up attitude, love @tml and his l…
  • Wow!! Well done for that. I was in a team with Miss Y and she narrowly beat another team member after being goaded by him in our chat - good fun
  • We moved it to this week TML, as everybody was focusing on the tourney )
  • @ElChapo Big Bang Racers don't hate you, you were rude, obnoxious and racist so we asked you to leave. Based on the evidence I've seen, it would appear that you've not changed at all.
  • Sorry to see this, I really hoped that he would change by leaving our team, but it seems that he has serious issues. Time out from the game might help you LA.
  • As if to further prove my point, I see you've flagged one of Miss Y's comments as "abuse" - why?? There was nothing abusive about it at all - in fact it was a comment about levels we make in our group. You seriously need to grow up. My 11 year is …
    in FORGIVENESS Comment by Bruce April 2017
  • What seems to have happened is that there were two of you, one that had all your follows and then the "new one". The one I was originally following had nothing in it, but when they remade your account I could see that I wasn't following it, and it h…
  • Seriously, don't bother creating another account, just start acting like an adult with your current one. Respect is a two way thing, so start respecting people and you'll get it back.
    in FORGIVENESS Comment by Bruce April 2017
  • Hey - so I'm the rubbish level maker in our group, but as I tend to rant about some badly made levels, every so often I make one. Here is my auto level: https://bbr.traplightgames.com/level/58bc42781f000043005e0aeb/ ....and here's my "balls" level…
  • Thanks for the replies. No worries Barb - its a nice to have rather than a must have. Thanks for this game, I LOVE it!!
  • You were racist, obnoxious and rude. You offended me when you came back a second time by saying that I hated you etc etc. At the end of the day, this is just a game, but it's a game I enjoy very much. If I want to be offended and slated I'll go and…