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  • For 1000000 gems What about 1000000 likes... Then you get 5 star And then it’s too expensive for the majority of players that are veteran and higher
  • Yay Not yay for me... but happy for others yes great job And don’t ban me.
  • Oh that's because it gets stuck to the back Tire. If you have a problem with your game car that it gets stuck to the wall while moving up on the elevator, just move the elevator further away from the wall, but put something to stop the car at the e…
  • What if you could join teams, but only to talk, so the trophies go to your first team,while you can talk to your friends Eh maybe, but there should be a way to prevent 100 people from dumping trophies on one team
  • And this year im hoping for one more I will get the fourth star this year, I am 1/2 way there and have been playing for 1/2 year, Byblos 2019 I expect ~200000 likes, but I will definately get 100000 (veteran) likes!
  • I found a new bug: when connecting a power switch, tap out of the circle. Delete the switch and the wire is still there! @Barb @wempu don’t delete the glitch, it’s like the out of the dome bug! I havent got a power switch... But i think that with …
  • I agree with Rick. Those of us who are maxxed on cc are sitting on a lot of coins (900k in my case). I would be great to be able to gift coins to teammates, as gold doesn't help me much these days. I could definately use gold, I am sitting at 3000…
  • I actually like that idea, Wither. Teams get locked for the final 24 hours of the season. Then if someone gets booted during that time, they only need to wait at most a day until they can join another team. Here it is: you can’t leave a team, but …
  • Well, mine is from 2018, but my favorite moment in BBR so far is when I got the 2nd creator-star Mine might’ve been when I got the third star
  • Finished it! Link soon! Ok can’t wait to see it! Here was my first level as advanced (also my 101st level so the first 100 were non advanced) 'Thx For 10K Likes!' by 'Xx Wither xX' https://bbr.traplightgames.com/level/59fb8c121f00006d135b301d/
  • wow voting is a few weeks! Also would moderators be in game moderators too, or just the forums? Just the forums I think
  • Yes, but I think they should make this an in game announcement so more players would vote... and join forums, it feels lonely like we only have 20 or so because many have been spammers, left or whatever reason, but they aren’t here anyomore
  • No votes Hey don’t be sad at least you got top 5
  • Level Play To avoid an instant neck snap, remember to wear a cap! The Dirt-bike, it leaps like a gazelle and lands cat-like! Your levels fascinate, some may even exhilarate! A level with Gem Rain would be mega, we may need to bring an umbrella! R…
  • Looking for active players on team maritimers only 400 trophies to join. As required by the game itself. You can also become popular and a lot of people will like you and jump at the chance to be in a team with you, but sometimes these people hav…
  • I accord (Spoiler) I definately agree that we should stop saying agree
  • It will be a great idea Maybe donate gems too or converte money to gems for spend your money or something like that will be a great idea Gems to coins converter Perhaps... but it shouldn’t be that good of a deal so it is only good if you hav…
  • So they finally did it! and I was chosen as one of the top five, I haven’t won yet, if I win, but I still want to say: THANK YOU TRAPLIGHT
  • I will race with no rest, to become the very best. I will make many original levels To become a rebel! Dear Traplight... You are just amazing, Your games all players unite I am almost you praising Made with the help of "RhymeZone" Just if you nee…
  • Just a random thing, but I will do a tutorial on the likes equation later, I wont tell you what it is, but you can get a somewhat accurate idea by the name of it...
  • I think we can stop agreeing;) I "agree" with that. Oops I said it again Haha I agree yea we should stop saying I agree! ... or should we?
  • I think traplight "trap's" ideas that they could think of in the game and "light's" the game up by implementing those ideas.together we have: traplight! Lol. Trap the idea and lighten it up... good theory
  • This thread is for updates in levels that take longer than a day. Yeah, I stink XD. Here’s an image for the very very beginning: The level doesn’t look stinky... so you most likely don’t stink! Agree Agree
  • This thread is for updates in levels that take longer than a day. Yeah, I stink XD. Here’s an image for the very very beginning: The level doesn’t look stinky... so you most likely don’t stink!
  • Very excited! > @Barb said: > There will be, and it will be two birds with one stone We will release more details as soon as we set it up But it's coming soon. Wonderful news Very true Let’s hope it’s a good lcc with good prizes
  • Post here your poem about the game or about traplight. Here's one that I just made up. Traplight is the best, for their game they won't rest, to make their players happy, come-on! Let's start clapping! good idea, I will do one later, probably
  • We still need to work out some details before we move forward, but this is still ongoing! Ok good to know
  • Def need a team donate coin button or somethin, I’m sittin on 1 mil coins I would love to share amongst my team Yea, and then they would get 1200 CC and love you! And they would also get more trophies for you and for them...! Sounds like it would …
  • > @Xx_Wither_xX said: > I have got an idea to improve the level system. > > It would be that each time you die or beat the level, you higher or lower the percentage of the level. > > This would be shown on the top right of e…
  • We could do all sorts of things. I’d like to hold my own track contests that goes beyond teams, allowing anyone to compete. It could all be done through the forum and would allow multiple judges to vote on winners. I would pay for the prizes myself …