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  • Re: Portal Bug

    I wouldn't call it a bug, but more like the Portals doing what they were programmed to do. If you put one on top of the other, different devices will probably make the calculations differently on which Portal to listen to. Also it could be that, as you mention, you get stuck in a permanent loop between them.

    I would recommend just not placing them like that :)
  • Re: Can't play levels from web

    It seems that the game is not able to scale to the correct proportions. I think it should automatically go Landscape, but are you using the iPod on Portrait for browser and then switching to the game to Landscape?
  • Re: Glitching & Racing with Small Buttons!

    These are very weird things indeed, when things like this happen, close the app and reopen it, most of the times this will fix it. :)
  • Re: December's Level Creation Challenge!

    @Barb do you mean that we can create both An adventure level and A racing level, or just 1 from the two categories? Thx
    YES!! you can submit TWO levels, one for Adventure and one for Racing!!

    @keeger12345 also Yes! We will test the levels the same way as the previous Level Creation Challenge. Completely unbiased. :)

    And to answer that other random question, ALSO YES! You can potentially win two prizes! However, if this happens, we will add another winner to that category so you don't steal someone else's spot ;)
  • December's Level Creation Challenge!

    It's that time of the year again, Are you ready for another Challenge!!??

    *** Submit your level here! ***


    Toy Factory Level Creation Challenge

    Toy Factory Level Creation Challenge

    The rules are simple:
    • Create a level (Adventure or Racing, you choose!) and publish it.
    • Use the Theme: Toy Factory
    • Follow our recommendations below.
    • Submit your Level --On this Google Forms Page --
    Last submission day is Sunday December 17th.

    Level Building Recommendations
    • Be as creative as you want! But stick to the Theme.
    • Take your time and plan it well, there is no rush for creating a masterpiece.
    • We will play the levels at Traplight and choose the best, regardless of Creator Rank.
    • EVERYONE can participate! (Except cheaters, no one likes cheaters)
    • Test, Test, Test! Make sure everything works perfectly!!!!!
    • You can only submit One Adventure and One Racing.
    • Top 5 Adventure - Your level featured on the path with 5,000 visits + 1000 Gems!
    • Top 5 Racing - Your level featured on the path with 5,000 visits + 1000 Gems!
    We will enable the winning levels on the path on December the 22nd! Gems will be delivered at the latest on that same day :)