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  • Re: Pvil’s tournament (how good is it?)

    We liked it a lot (obviously :D ) I'd only would love seeing the last "ramp" a bit more smooth, but we thought decoration and flow were spot on, and tons of chances to try something differently, plenty of chances to use Nitro at different spots and skill maneuvers. :D
  • Re: Haunted House Tournament Level Creation Challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    We actually judged the levels with a "blindfold" system. We basically played the levels straight from the URL without looking at who made it. This way we avoided being biased towards players that we already knew, their rank, racing status, time in the game, etc.

    It would be unfair to disqualify players based on if they already have followers, likes or even if they have already hosted a Tournament. We try to be fair so we do take measures for this. Out of our top picks, we let our programmers do the final "run" to check for very specific Tournament level needs.

    Tournament levels are trickier because they need to abide by different rules than a normal Racing level, just as Adventure is different, so are Tournaments.

    Some players would like a Level Creation Challenge that is not a Tournament level so It can have more cunning and creative elements like in an Adventure level. And of course we are already thinking on how to make such an event ;)

    If any of you guys like statistics, here are some:
    • We received 118 entries, we need to pick the top 2, and Runner-ups. We narrowed it down to 8 top levels
    • Out of the 6 runner-ups, one of them is Rank 1, and the other rank 2. They made such great levels! It doesn't matter the rank or how long ago they started playing.
    • 14 of the 30 "Approved" levels were Rank 1 and 2. That's almost half of them!
    • Half of the rejected levels were due to them being Adventure levels, Made by cheaters, same player submitting more than 1 level, or sending us the wrong URL.
    • The 45 levels marked as bad included faults like hard stops (like elevators and gears), being a curved "straight" path (no chance to improve your time), not sticking to the theme, having really poor flow, etc.
    • Some levels were great! but included so much death that it would be very frustrating during a Tournament. 10 levels featured tons of chances for dying. (Yes we died a lot too x_X )
    • 10 disqualified levels were made by players with Ranks 3 and 4, so Rank didn't mattered.

    Being in the "Unsuitable" category means that the level was not good for a Tournament.
    Remember that Tournament levels are going to be grinded over and over again, so we want something fun that won't be frustrating. Playing over and over and dying in the final stretch will frustrate a lot of people. Same as having all your advantage lost because there was an elevator or gear that flattened out times.

    We made this graph to keep track of our entries:

    We had the following Ranked Creators participating:
    • Rank 0: 12 (Ranked at 0 are Cheaters)
    • Rank 1: 38
    • Rank 2: 42
    • Rank 3: 18
    • Rank 4: 8
    • Rank 5: 0
    • Rank 6: 0
    We tested the levels blindly and collected data on the participation. Remember that we are looking for the best of the best and will continue to do so.

    I hope this gives you a better understanding of what we did.
  • Re: I keep getting robbed of chests

    We have look into this problem and we have had one or two the same in the history of the game. It´s visual bug in the players end and can be fixed by Reinstalling the game, You are not getting robbed, game has just changed (some byte gone sideways or something) so that silver chests are shown as golden in the path. It´s not exploitable or used as a cheat.

    - Traplight Qa
    So, don't worry guys! you are getting your correct rewards, just oddly displayed! So please do try to reinstall :)
  • Re: Tourny glitch ,fakers new tourny keeps freezing and crashes the game after a few runs ,

    Yes, i was actually scolded about it x_X hahaha
    Yeah they should be 15-20 seconds to give a chance for skill to shine more and have more effect over longer time. But I didn't know that before :D
  • Haunted House Tournament Level Creation Challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    And the moment you have all been waiting for... *drum rolls*

    The Winners for the Haunted House - Earn your OWN Tournament - Challenge are:

    Congratulations!! You made some amazing levels that we can't wait for people to play!

    Je1letv has earned his way into a 72hr Tournament featuring his level from October the 27th to the 29th!
    Pvil's Tournament will be from October the 14th to October the 15th. You have 48 hours to beat his Monster ;)

    We also have 6 awesome Runner-ups who will get 10,000 visits on their levels during Tuesday the 31st!!
    Faker, BigBadDom, Havic, Piddi, N O.ob and Simranjeet L!!!

    Congratulations to everyone!! We enjoyed playing the levels and will love to do this again ;)