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  • Re: Haunted House Tournament Level Creation Challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    > @Fast_Freddy said:

    Well, first of all, there is a reason the famous creators have so many followers.They prove to have the skill and patience in creating new levels. So, most of the time, a “old“ creator just has a better feeling of design and other aspects of a race, while a unknow creator may lack these.

    Secondly, I truly belive that this is a fair chance for everybody. I got second in the Competition, but guess what? I believe it is due to the fact that I built a great level!! I don't have these thousands of followers you claim that we need!!

    In the end, sit down, pratice in making your levels and then u get a chance to prove yourself.
    Not true. A year ago what is now regarded as a simple level would've got 100,000 of likes.
    Now, these levels get downvoted. That's the reason for the high amount of likes. It's not because of good levels is because the game was relatively new and players didn't know better.
    And you only think your level is great because you built it! hahaha. It's obviously not that great as you lost to Je1tletv. How embarrassing...

    Oh BTW, I have a much better like ratio than you (yours at 1208 likes/level and my 1554) so I think it's you who needs to sit down and practice. hahahahaha
    The only thing that’s embarrassing is you moaning about a competition that anybody could have entered and was judged by the creators of the game.

    If you don’t like how the competitions are judged, don’t enter them.

    Being bitter on here, rather than being gracious in defeat, is just embarrassing.
  • Re: Racing frustrations

    @wempu thanks for the reply. In my original post I stated that I was slowly losing interest in the game. A few things have happened in the past few days that have pushed me into producing my best trophy haul yet.

    Bring it on haters - you are driving me on to more trophies
  • Racing frustrations

    A tournament full of bugs, and full of shortcuts. Why anybody wants to win by exposing a loophole is beyond me.

    Win a race by racing. Whilst we are still it, when did races stop being races?

    Glitches, lifts, cogs, portals that take about 20 seconds to release you, lucky bounces in races. All of this ruins the game for me. I'm here to race, not get involved in some kind of obstacle course.

    Slowly, but surely, I'm losing interest in this game. I used to love it and would spend most of my day and night in it, but now, thanks in part to the above, I'm finding other things to do with my time.

    I don't mind losing a race if the other person(s) are better and faster than me, but I hate losing because I've had to spend five minutes waiting for a luff to show up.
  • Re: Trackbuilders Team Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Also, type in the name Trackbuilders....there are loads.

    It's not a trademark or anything last time I looked ;)
  • Re: Trackbuilders Team Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Firstly, as you said elsewhere, you should be honoured that so,embody decided to copy the idea of using the name "trackbuilders"

    Secondly, it's just a name, what does it matter?

    Thirdly, this is just a game....