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Waiting for testers for my level "1000 ways to die". Also try "Get Airborne 3 ways".


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  • Re: Haters gonna hate.

    I just happen to be working on an auto level. You should explore your mind reading abilities.
  • Re: About spammers [INFO]

    > @Xx_Wither_xX said:
    > It's getting worst these days, the eurowiki is starting tons of threads in chinese wich is not allowed and the guy who wanted to sell fake documents. Maybe a filter should be introduced to stop foreing languages, ilegal merchandise and insults from being posted.
    > Yes. I would start a legal case with that fake documents thing, but I don’t know about court and stuff.
    > I don’t know either but maybe one of the others do know, and these spammers are finding more and more loopholes to the current system against spammers, so please upgrade the system Traplight!

    I guess we've got a NASA rocket expert in the game so it can't be that difficult to find a lawyer.
  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary Stream Q&A and Creation Challenge

    I always tend to use the huge dome and place the level in the middle, so it's actually big sized only that you can't see the edge, because I'm not a big fan of them, obviusly I make some exceptions but for the most time you won't see the borders of my levels.
  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!

    Tease 10: It seems like some kind of a lever that activates sistems (example: remotely activate a platform) or maybe it can drive electricity without complex metal driven circuits that can be ruined by anti-gravity devices.

    Tease 8: It sounds as a feature to increase difficulty in path levels to get rewards, we're yet to see if it automatic or the editors will have to choose how to do it (example: 25% less power, 25% less turn,25% less helmet resistance, etc....

    Tease 7: Some insane decorations witch are only overpassed by the gem cost ot them.
  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!

    I think that tease 6 is a white hole that repels you instead of atracting you. It would be pretty useful for loppings that can not be manteined with speed alone since you will only need one instead of the normal two.
    Tease 5 :maybe most liked levels.
    Tease 4 : maybe a more exact rating system ,I hope theres no cooldown, you often see these insane level but the one before was also like that and you now they both deserved the megalike but you can not give it to all.