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  • Social Quality Aspecs

    Dear ladies and gentlenerds,

    I would like to discuss a pretty important aspect of the game. The inner team social quality. Chatting is pretty old nowadays and evolutionized many times till today. Every games guild/team feature is pretty well build and thought through. But not in BBR. I am playing for about a year now... and nothing really changed on that, yet. To keep it short, here is a little list of what I would change to improve the social aspect in the game:

    - smaller fonts and bigger amount of letters per post
    - auto spam delay for those who post many things in a row
    - no more speak bubbles, just a normal plain text chat to save space
    - more functionality instead of cute design
    - chat/player options like spam/abuse/mute/block to report a team member to the team leader
    - adjustable inner team hierachy to choose some deputies for the team to relieve the team leader from his burden
    - sperate windows for chat and trackuploads!!!
    - kick-vote system to decide in domcracy if a player should be kicked (only by leader)
    - whispering feature: the option to talk private to somebody
    - highlight somebody and let him/her be informed about it, like the @name function on the forum
    - more space for a team text or/and a daily leader announcement everytime you enter the chat the first time a day.

    Most of that is pretty old school... like an undo function for an editor for example :p
    But I really would love to see the chat becoming more functional and even more social.

    What about you? Do you agree with me or disagree? Have you other or additional ideas to improve the social team aspect in BBR?
    Just tell me about it. :)
  • Re: About spammers [INFO]

    Flagging as a form of bullying is strictly prohibited, so if you see anything like this, please contact the admins with a private message so we can investigate :)
    traplight C.I.S.! :p =)

    Special investigations for prohibited forum behaviour! Could be a super thrilling TV series!

    Never saw anything you spoke about... so I can't say anything usefull to this thread. Traplight rocks! B)
  • Re: Impossible level? ?

    Worked on 1st attempt. Next time please link the track instead of writing it's name.
    'Mega Saut' by 'Bapt.Camp'

    I have to roll eyes everytime I read about "impossible" tracks. Cuz there aren't any. Difficult...hard... nearly impossible... for sure! But if they weren't possible at all, they couldn't be uploaded, right? ;)

    Even those who make the most difficult tracks ever I saw whining about an impossible track on the path. :p Some of you may know which person I mean. ;)

    But beside all that, there IS a possibility that it just could be an error in The Matrix! B)
    Really! Like you said, you seem to have a lot of troubles on your device, so it just could be a software or a hardware issue. Ever tried to reinstall BBR, might?
  • Re: Impossible level? ?

    Yeah! But it WAS possible once. :p
    Happend to me with an awesome auto track... just over night everything totally went wrong. Not playable anymore. Seem to confirm the big bad chaos theory, huh? Or murphy's law. B)
  • Re: Impossible level? ?

    If you say so... :p