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Just building and racing...


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  • Re: Undo Bouton

    That's what I am praying for about a year now. That was my very first post on this forum! BBR might have the one and only editor on this planet without an undo function! Did you guys ever made an autotrack with black holes and accidently moved one, after everything worked perfectly? Yeah... happend to me on my last auto track. Was done allready, just had to put in some decorations. Was about to swipe and move to the start point when it happend. I moved the very first black hole... ruining the whole track. I never been able to readjust it to it's original spot... so I was forced to delete it. Had no patience to change the whole design because of that!

    Every editor, it doesn't matter how small it is... even the cheapest text program got an undo function. There is no acceptable reason nor excuse BBR has none!

    So lets hope there will be one in the VERY near future! :p
  • Re: Cactus Plant Decoration Suggestion

    Nice work, man. Was wondering since the beginning, that you can plant trees in the desert. These are the tiny little details, that always disturb the eye, but you can't figure out why. But it is so obvious now you mentioned it. =)
  • Re: What Was the Beta Like?

    Wow... finally a thread that really awakes my interest. Never thought about that. Would be cool to see how it all began before the actual programming and art came up.

    I am an active gamer, since 32 years now. I've seen a lot and been thru a lot... I was one of the first owner of the early alpha of Minecraft. If I look back to this... you could only walk and jump around at this state. I am not sure if you were able to dig or craft anything at all. But it is a game that truly evolved to something big with endless creativity. Still playing it.

    Wished I could've followed all your ways as well. I am curious about your earliest versions of the game. =)

  • Re: About spammers [INFO]

    Flagging as a form of bullying is strictly prohibited, so if you see anything like this, please contact the admins with a private message so we can investigate :)
    traplight C.I.S.! :p =)

    Special investigations for prohibited forum behaviour! Could be a super thrilling TV series!

    Never saw anything you spoke about... so I can't say anything usefull to this thread. Traplight rocks! B)
  • Trackbuilder's Tutorials - the perfect circle (part 3)

    Hey ladies and gentlenerds.

    After publishing my new tutorial inside my team, a member named @Je1letv brought up his version to make himself a perfect circle I never thought about. Might be much easier, than my ways are. But hey, not everybody likes it the easy way. :)

    So he told me that he uses the camera item to build his loops... and now he mentioned that I get a #facepalm and asked myself why I never get that idea... weird stuff.

    So... you just take the camera item out for 100$ and place it. Then just choose your size you need...

    Once you've chosen your size, just paint around the marker to get it done...

    ...that's it??!? Ô.ô

    Dammit! It can be so easy if you do it right. xD

    Okay... now you know every method to draw a perfect circle. Choose the one that fits you the most. Have fun!
    Thanks to my buddy @Je1letv for that idea. Should have thought about that myself.

    See ya! Happy trackbuilding!