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  • Re: Your game poem.

    What can I buy in bbr?

    I have a penny, what can I buy? Nothing in bbr, I begin to cry.
    I have a nickel, what can i buy? One gem and a copper pie.
    I have a dime, what can I buy? 2 gems and some coins on the side.
    I have a quarter, what can I buy? 1 gem with a golden eye.
    I have a dollar, what can I buy? A sack of gems, and coins on the side.
    I have 5 dollars, what can I buy? A lot of gems, and coins, oh my!
    I have a 50, what can I buy? An umbrella for the gems, that are raining up high!
    I have 1000, what can I buy? All the gems you see in the sky!
    I have 10000, with can I buy? A big donation to traplight, and everything you can find! (In bbr).

    Note: you can't buy everything in the poem ;)
    But can I buy the poem itself?
  • Re: Level Update Thread

    I found a new bug: when connecting a power switch, tap out of the circle. Delete the switch and the wire is still there! @Barb @wempu don’t delete the glitch, it’s like the out of the dome bug!
    I havent got a power switch... But i think that with the wires you could make a "jungle"
  • Re: Your game poem.

    I will race with no rest,
    to become the very best.
    I will make many original levels
    To become a rebel!

    Dear Traplight...
    You are just amazing,
    Your games all players unite
    I am almost you praising

    Made with the help of "RhymeZone"
    Just if you need help rhyming
  • Re: Suggestion: Invite players to play your level


    There could be a limit on the number of times an invitation is sent to a certain player and the inbox could be refreshed every 24 hours. The inbox can also be split into 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star... sections where the player can choose what creator rating of player to play and comment on the level. :)

    But what if a famous player wants to play a level from a new-player-friend? I think you should have the option to choose from: Only get invitations from [friends/followed] and [Everyone], so this problem wouldnt happen
  • Re: Introductions!

    Hi I am MaxAl.Y0utub3 [I got the same name in BBR]
    I put myself this name, beacuse I was thinking in making youtube vids, but I never do them .-.

    I live in Chile and am 15 years old. I can speak fairly well 3 different languages: Spanish (duh), English (now) and German.

    I am pretty new to the game (joined this year on July) and I joined it because it was on Play Store recommended... I instantly liked the game and already got 6000 trophies foreva (if i never loose a race...)

    At first I didn´t think in building levels, but then I got inspiration from many of you guys (Xx_Wither_xX ; BigBadDom [I love your BBR pics :D] ; n00b ; DeJotaCDI ; Je1letv ; and many others) and really liked your levels!

    I started making though levels (they were easy for the same level of cc--> and now I cant beat some ._.) and then evolved into making fun for skillfull players levels and FunForAll levels. [You should try Winter Hurdles if you know how to Wall Jump]

    This is getting a bit too long, so I say Thank you Traplight and Thank you inspiration-people for being so cool!
    But dont stop beeing Cool B-D

    Thanks for reading (if you have), sorry if my english is bad and HAVE A NICE :-DAY