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  • Re: FINALLY, I made a level getting me coins all day thousands

    Congrats, here to always having enough money to buy level items!
  • Re: Starting a new level loses maps

    @speed You know how on the planet map, when young play levels you get up to 3 map pieces? Then when you collect 12 you get a chest, well after completing a level and getting the final pieces, there is an animation that moves them from the level to the bottom right corner where the chest appeared, if you start a new level before all the map pieces have moved over you lose those map pieces.
  • Preferential level types (Tags)

    Hard levels, some love them, some hate them (I am part of the group that hate them, no offence). Usually, hard levels get completely destroyed by dislikes when they are posted, however I have come up with a solution that could give them the chance they deserve!

    Preferential Level Types! (It's in the title, what did you expect?)
    When a person is about to publish their level, they select level tags through a list of predetermined tags. Players could then select their preferred levels to play in their player menu, so only levels with those tags will show up (Just for the 'greenlight' stage or even on the planet map).

    Now you may be thinking, a person could just select all tags and get maximum exposure!
    Sure, but say it's an auto level yet it has every tag and a person who doesn't have auto in their preferentials would dislike it, same as everyone else who doesn't have auto in their tags. Ergo level has high dislikes and ends up in the bin.

    Examples for tags could be:
    Hard, auto, easy, race (For greenlight stage), aesthetic.. Etc.
    (Reply with tag ideas if you think of any)

    Excuse me if this was confusing, I tend to be really incoherent in my explanations :confused:
  • Re: [IMPORTANT] About Matchmaking & YouTube channels (2.9.9)

    @Bilbliophile With iOS 10 it's a lot easier.
    When you get redirected to the YouTube app, in the top right hand corner it will say safari or something, click on that and you will have the desktop version. :)
  • Re: Share your levels that you are most proud of!

    @n00b thanks!
    I figured someone had played through the levels :P