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  • Re: Ask people to join your Team!

    It seems that @numbnuts and @comp have similar ideas for Teams. I took the time to check and you both have 2 players each, why not combine both Teams and start getting more Likes going? :)

  • Re: Creation challenge?

    We can't yet because we need to finish some things first :D But we are dying to tell you :D


  • [READ BEFORE POSTING] Instructions

    We are really sorry if you are encountering a bug! We will do our best to help you, so please follow these instructions:

    1. If you can still access the game, please send us your bug report using the in-game support chat. You can find it from Settings/Support. When you send us a message there, we can easily see your Player ID and other relevant info that can help us fix the problem :)

    2. If you CAN'T access the game (for example, the game crashes when starting), please send us a message here, or to In this case, please provide us the following info:


    Bug report template

    - The device you are playing the game with, for example iPhone 5, or iPad 2.
    Game version:
    - You can find the version number of the game from your Device app settings.
    Player name AND id:
    - Please tell us your Player name exactly as it is written, and if you can remember, the player ID that can be found next to your name in the settings. It starts with a @.
    - In which situation did the issue or bug occur (during a level, in the editor, in the
    Bug description:
    - Please give a clear description of what happened.

    NOTE: If the game crashes, try to take a screenshot of the crash screen before you restart the app. Screenshots in general can help us better understand the problem you are experiencing, so you feel free to use them with your bug reports.
  • Happy New Year - Best of 2016 on Big Bang Racing

    Hello Earthlings and Happy New Year!

    2016 was a very important year for us. We've done so many things for the first time:
    - launched Big Bang Racing, our first title;
    - met our players and started our first discussions and chats on BBR forum, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;
    - received the first million levels created by you!
    - the first in-game event! Do you remember the Ejection Day? :lol:
    - got the first fan-art drawings (now there's an actual drawing club on Instagram) :smile:
    - celebrated your success in racing in the first season!
    - introduced Skull Rider;
    - organized the first Creation Challenge!
    - created the first holiday gift calendar :smile:
    - Big Bang Racing was chosen among the Best of 2016 games by App Store!
    In some things we definitely succeeded, some things we learnt by making a mistake at first. Our team is super excited about 2017 and we will remember the lessons we've learnt this year! Thank you for joining our community in 2016!

    At the end of 2016 we would like to acknowledge your achievements and highlight the greatest Big Bang Racing happenings!

    Top10 Mega-Liked levels
    Top10 Creators with most Mega-Likes
    Adventure Path leaderboard 2016
  • Questions and Answers.

    Post here if you have any question about the challenge so we can help you out!