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  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!

    CC Enforcer!!!!! Oh muh gaw..... Christmas in July!
  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!

    #4 - Too ambiguous to say much more than either a revised version of the current rating system, or an entirely new and separate rating feature... speculaton on the latter is as exciting xD
    - My most likely guess: A more complex rating system than "Thumb up/down, replacing the old
    - less likely -
    - A personal rating system so you can revisit levels you liked easily (this could also play in to the "Top" system). Kinda like a "save to favorites" list thing.
    - even less likely -
    - a track star rating designated to the track by the game based on like/dislike ratios

    #5 One of x100 potential new "Top List" sorting features. Again, too ambiguous to do much more than take a blind guess based on your gut.
    - Top New Global Levels [within a given timeframe. 24hrs for example.
    - Some form of a new "Top List" within team based on a form of a stat regarding level building

    #6 A white hole
  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!

    Omg I can't wait for this!! I have a feeling we'll see some of the vary most requested features from track builders make their way into the game!! @Traplight knows exactly which ones are in highest demand for builders ;)

    I suspect Homero is right about #1

    #2 - my guess is a "rolling boulder" finish

    #3 - I have no ideas seems pretty ambiguous..

    I doubt either are "checkpoints" though, that's kinda already here with the scrolls.

    This is so exciting! Everyone at Trackbuilders can't wait! And I have to admit.. I enjoy the tease ;)
  • Re: Monthly Track Contest (MTC)

    Hehe yea the team permissions aren't very well explained in game, but as I understand it via contact with Traplight: right now we're set to "friends only"... so this means one of our team members must be following you for you to join.

    BBR has a kind of strange and unintuitive deployment of a "friends" system... but doing our best with what we've got we've just gone with the "just send us a message via forum/or request by post in the Trackbuilders thread" approach lol (a private message to any of us is preferred ;) )

    The reason we are set to "friends only" rather than "open" atm is to keep the team out of the 'random team suggestion' system because the team quickly filled up with random non-participant members, many of which didn't even keep playing the game past 100 tracks on the planet.. so we made a change and right now we have a pretty nice solid core of good folks and we all share the same interest in level design and are on the team specifically for that reason :)

    @ElChapo absolutly bud :) If you have a particular interest in building tracks you'd be coming to the right place! What is your in-game name? Mind sending me a PM to request?
  • Re: Trackbuilders Team Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Thanks @wempu , yeah we've discussed this a bit :) I think Freakie is going to set up a channel for us so we can have a central place to organize the contest and showcase favorites - that would be really cool! We'll have more info soon :D