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10000 likes thanks! Auto level is on the way, its 50% done


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  • Re: Bigger selection of everything and more

    Add more decoration! I would like to see more background themes (factory theme, rocky or mountanous theme)
    I would also like to see much more air decoration, maybe add some traps, and add some triggers that make time cycle change or change the weather, gravity fluctuation (play on different planets)
    This game has so much potential, yet we haven't seen an update for months!
    I know coding these things is hard, but it's not unachievable.
  • Bigger selection of everything and more

    Going to organise this so it is understandable:)
    New types of floor: Glass - very fragile, full speed or hard impact can break it, slippery but gives off more speed
    Asphalt (road paving, whatever you call it) - gives off increased grip and significantly faster
    Snow - winter edition of mud, should be easier to go through, very little grip and speed but a bit more "bouncy" (less downforce)
    Rock - harder to drive on, unstable and uneven, less speed but more grip
    New "weather" systems: Sunny, Rain (less grip), Wind (slows player), Cloudy, Snowing...
    New "cars": Maybe add a bicycle, older car, truck...
    Larger domes: Sometimes we just dont have enough space lol
    Larger selection of gadgets: Maybe add electricity, wires, brake pads (if the player does not have enough time to brake, brake pads slow him down under a second)
    Larger selection of decorations: Candles, Hot rocks (not lava), Stars, Paintings, larger selection of signs, More types of rocks, trees, Vines, Big trees, Sculptures....
    Time cycles: Day, Dawn, Night...
    New types of background: Swamp, City, Rural, Tundra, Mountanous...
    Be able to customize the color of your "car"
    Be able to customize the color of skin of your alien
    Be able to customize more than hats (shirt, pants, shoes...)
    Be able to customize the look of your car (stickers maybe :))
    Be able to race against your friend in real time
    Be able to race against your team in real time
    I have many more ideas, but this is getting very long already so i will stop here :P