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  • Re: MLT (Monthly Level Tournament)

    @packid851bbr maby we should both do a creation competition both name it MLT and we will both do different creation competitions and I will make the decision of the winners by yours and you will decide the winners of my competition and winners will decide wich competition is more fun and better and the person with the best level will decide one of the winners of the next do you think of that?
    =) Sounds good!
  • Re: “Green Team”, And all you need to know about it

    Yep green team is going everywhere!
  • Re: Someone copied

    @wempu I kinda copy @sc4ma (Dominic in game, I guess?)'s cave style. And I've seen copies of my levels Slap Happy Racing and Fastfoward. Makes me really happy!
  • Re: Bug after Pub

    Ahh pub = publicity, sorry, english not being our first language sometimes we refer to something a bit differently, we always call them ads = advertisement. You learn something new every day!

    As for the issue, this has been a recurring issue that sometimes the ad providers will show an ad that has a fault and doesn't close properly (or open for that matter) unfortunately, depending on how much the Providers are advertising that one in particular, it might show broken many times an seem that all ads are broken.

    Unfortunately there is not much we can do except notify the Ad Provider and how they remove the ad or fix it. We can only wait and hope it resolves soon.

    Sorry about that guys!
    That happens to me a lot. It always fixes by closing the app and reopening it

  • Re: Can I Have a Crearion Competition?

    @wempu ok! I had one on the forums before. Didn't work out as much as i would've liked. I can give it another try, though!