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  • Re: Team "bigbang uk"

    Top 20 team now recruiting active players with 5500 trophies, friendly team of racers and builders alike, you must play weekly and add trophies to promote the team up the leader board, see you there soon ;-)
  • Re: Things That You May Not Have Known In Big Bang Racing.

    Seen this and wanted to put a quick one for newer players wanting to build,

    To get a smoother line on metal or electric terrain, lay a smooth layer of dirt and then lay the metal /electric against it, then delete the dirt to leave a smooth layer of metal /electric without jagged edges; -) very simple, but if you didn't know now you do.
  • Re: [INFO] Tournaments Info & Feedback

    I've made this point before and was for the most part ignored, once a racer has obtained the golden hat it is very clear they are an accomplished racer, so much so they continue to race in tournaments and prevent others the chance of winning the golden hat, now as they already have the hat you could leave all other rewards from the tourny the same but move the hat down the leader board to the fastest racer who hasn't yet got one?? Alternatively you could dedicated 1or2 rooms for golden hat racers only and maybe offer a big coin/gem reward as the golden hat has little incentive to those who have one ?
  • Re: Who's your favourite lesser known racer and builder?

    I'd like to add @hussyinoz and @adam to the list @Miss_Yotsuba ;-)
  • Re: FAO BigBang Racers

    @splodge hope you read this bud ,we want you home it's way past your bedtime, we see you in some strangers gaff and it don't look like you're having fun? Things have settled down at home and mum and dad have promised not to argue any more? ;-) hope you will consider coming home soon you are greatly missed.