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  • Re: Impossible level? ?

    > @Hauzuwienix said:
    > Worked on 1st attempt. Next time please link the track instead of writing it's name.
    > 'Mega Saut' by 'Bapt.Camp'
    > I have to roll eyes everytime I read about "impossible" tracks. Cuz there aren't any. Difficult...hard... nearly impossible... for sure! But if they weren't possible at all, they couldn't be uploaded, right? ;)
    > Even those who make the most difficult tracks ever I saw whining about an impossible track on the path. :p Some of you may know which person I mean. ;)
    > But beside all that, there IS a possibility that it just could be an error in The Matrix! B)
    > Really! Like you said, you seem to have a lot of troubles on your device, so it just could be a software or a hardware issue. Ever tried to reinstall BBR, might?

    From my point of view the level wasn't possible to pass "impossible " if you were to read the thread you would know I was able to pass lvl on tablet but a random glitch in the coding stopped it working on my phone and was stopping my progress on the path, I posted in here looking for help before using support who finally resolved the issue, you can roll your eyes all you want ,but as is evident here, by doing so you might miss what's really going on. ;--)
  • Impossible level? ?

    When I say impossible that's clearly not the case as it has thousands of likes ,however I have played this lvl hundreds of times and the launch mechanism at the start will not get my car on to the ramp ,I've tried every combination of buttons and flips and even no buttons at all and still can't pass, it's on a map lvl and I've never skipped (nor will i) a lvl on the path, team mates have told me they've done it with room to spare but my car won't clear it, I've posted a vid on my youtube of several failed attempts , the lvl is called (mega saut) by ( can the devs @barb @wempu please check this out, I'm an experienced player of the game and know there's something a miss, ;-(
  • Re: 8-10-17 crash bug

    Ok I've now got team chat back? But still have the one new player occupying two slots under the same ID? Ahh well at least I can chat to team again?
  • Re: 8-10-17 crash bug

    Yeah cheers dude, I've already posted in the forum team thread as its my team ,it's so messed up , just had 1 person take up 2 slots on team ,same ID on both check it out you can see it on bbuk, so frustrating that I can't chat to my team ;-(
  • Re: "Bigbang uk" team thread

    As of 02-10-17 there are currently 5 slots available on our top 10 team, come join us and help progress the team further up the leader board, you will need to be active and have 6k in trophies, we also look forward to playing your lvls and offer building and racing tips ,see ya soon ;-)