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Hi everyone! Im green team leader and ready to start green day! It's the green team yay yay yay yay were gonna rock it for sure today!


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  • Re: December's Level Creation Challenge!

    English please @Schumacher228337
  • Re: MLT monthly competition by @vtvy and @packid bbr


    It was close but you won! You can choose the runner up for the next MLT! @Simranjeet9_ can pick the runner up.
  • Re: Can't play new levels.

    > @Seppo said:
    > This is not a bug, it's a feature.
    > Yesterday we updated our servers to hide new levels from creator's profile, from level search, and from Friend Levels list until the levels have gotten their initial ratings via Good or Bad (floating domes, matched to random players) or via Team Chat. After the level has completed this crucial "Good or Bad" phase, the level then becomes visible in all of the above-mentioned places. Please note that this can take time: for example currently the queue for Good or Bad levels is 20 hours (the queue length can fluctuate based on how many levels are being created vs how much people are playing "Good or Bad" levels)
    > This adjustment was done in order to prevent trolls from systematically downvoting levels created by their targets, causing good levels to become blocked by the level distribution system.
    > You should see the newly published levels in Team Chat, if you are in same Team with the level creator. If you cannot see the levels in Team Chat, please let us know and we will check if there are bugs!
    > Also, can you provide a little more details regarding the "unfollow bug" you mentioned:
    > 1) Does the button change to unfollowed by itself instantly after you have clicked [Follow]? Or does the game "forget" that you've followed someone, when you visit their profile later?
    > 2) In which state are you clicking the follow button: in player's profile window, or in level completion screen?
    > Thanks!

    First.Thanks very much @Seppo for telling me the new good or bad level system! Sounds good!

    When I press follow it will say I followed the person, after I go off the game and come back on it will automatically unfollow.and It's when I follow someone on their profile, and it only unfollows specific people.
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