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  • [INFO] Looking for Moderators!

    Hi everyone!

    The Big Bang Racing Forum has grown into a lively place with lots of users and daily discussions. We are doing our best with @Barb to participate in the discussions, moderate posts, answer your questions and highlight awesome things that are happening in the community. We have noticed that it might be a good thing to ask for help with this task!

    So, as of now, we are looking for 1-2 moderators to help us run this awesome community.
    The moderators would be checking out the discussions and moderating them according to our Community Rules. In addition they would be helping new Forum goers and BBR players to get started, and answer questions of other community members to the best of their ability. They would also gather a list of the most asked questions or notable discussion topics once a month or so, to help us admins stay better up to date on what you guys are talking about. The moderators should be active forum goes, but we won't be asking you to be available every day. Just being active and visiting the forum several times a week to check on things is enough.

    We think there are many people here who would be interested in this responsibility and role. To make this process more transparent, we want to include the whole community in the decision making! You know who among you are most trustworthy, always nice and fair to everyone, and of course eager to help.

    So the process for selecting our new moderators will go as follows:

    1. Send us a private message here in the Forums if you would like to become a moderator! Put the word "Moderator" as the first line of your message. Remember to add both me and @Barb as recipients. In the message tell a bit about yourself and explain why you would be a good moderator for this community. The purpose of this description is to convince us admins and the whole community of your moderator abilities.
    2. Me and @Barb will do an initial selection if there are lots of messages. Then we will make another post with top candidates' nicknames and descriptions. There will be a link to a Voting Poll where you can anonymously vote for your favorite candidate. There will be only one vote per player, so choose wisely!
    3. Once the voting has ended, we will let the new moderators know that they were chosen, and then make a post for the whole community where the moderators can officially introduce themselves.

    As the Christmas holidays are getting close, we think the voting will happen at the beginning of 2018, but we will be collecting names until Sunday 7th of January. After that we will go through the messages and create the Voting Poll.

    Thanks everyone, and we hope we'll find great, excited new moderators to help us make this Forum even better :)


  • Re: Underrated Game

    Thanks guys, your comments mean the world to us! <3 We will keep making cool games and updates, and hopefully one of them will get the appreciation that you guys think they deserve! As said before, all our games will have some User Created things in them, so let's hope people will like them and that you guys will like them as well! Cheers! :)
  • Re: Creation suggestion

    Good feedback, thank you @tml ! I have posted this to the rest of our company, and we will definitely think what to do about this issue in the future :) Thank you for being patient with us. We are constantly learning more about User-Generated Content, and what Creators need and want in our games. We will do our best to improve all the time, and make sure our games are The Best Possible Experience for all kinds of creative players :) Cheers!
  • Re: Inexplainable relation of trayectory and far objects.

    @CommanderBeta Hi there! The game's physics engine can only get to a certain degree of accuracy. This means that if you try to make something very sophisticated and accurate happen (like a chain reaction that involves carefully built launchers, flying objects, a small target to hit etc.) the outcomes of each try will actually become more uncertain. This is something that we cannot really fix, as it's the physics engine's limits we are talking about. In general there are always slight variations on how things happen, and when you put things in a row, the small variances can ultimately build into huge differences in the outcome. To avoid this, try to make your systems and chain reactions less dependant on super accurate outcome. Make your targets bigger, make the chain reactions simpler etc. Thanks for the question, and good luck! :)
  • Global launch on 28th of July!

    Hey guys!

    We are happy to announce that Big Bang Racing will be Globally launched in two weeks, on Thursday 28th of July. This means that the game will be available for download in both Google Play Store and Apple AppStore!

    Also, we put out our last big update in Google Play in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Canada. The final addition are the TEAMS and SEASONS – These two will allow you to get big prices every week, so go join a team asap! :)

    Hope to see you around after global launch!