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  • Global launch on 28th of July!

    Hey guys!

    We are happy to announce that Big Bang Racing will be Globally launched in two weeks, on Thursday 28th of July. This means that the game will be available for download in both Google Play Store and Apple AppStore!

    Also, we put out our last big update in Google Play in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Canada. The final addition are the TEAMS and SEASONS – These two will allow you to get big prices every week, so go join a team asap! :)

    Hope to see you around after global launch!

  • Re: How do you get all the secret hats?

    Yea, @Seppo is the lead designer of BBR and there might be a connection why he chose Ilmarinen to be the highest rank! ;)
  • Re: How do i upload a picture?

    Here is a screenshot showing you the Add Image button! :) Cheers!

  • Re: Donate coins

    Or you should have some other use for the coins than just buying upgrades! :) You are right that there should be more places to put your extra coins into. We'll discuss it with the team. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Re: Racing frustrations

    @Bruce We are sorry about the poor quality of the latest Tournament. There was a combination of several things happening in the game, with a glitch in the level being one and something happening on the server side as well... We are looking into it, and will hopefully fix this problem before the next Tournament. I hope you can give the Tournaments another chance later, but yes, it's true that the latest one was not a success that we hoped it would be :( We'll do better next time!