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  • Re: How do you get the raindeer hat and Santa hat

    The Reindeer and Santa hats were special Christmas Update gifts, that were only available during December and January. Maybe this Christmas we will also have some nice, exclusive gifts, so you should stick around ^^
  • PLEASE READ: Critical bug with the upgrade system

    Hi guys. We just found out that there is an unfortunate bug in the upgrade system, which causes some of the upgrade cards disappear if you leave the game when there is an upgrade available, but you haven't yet installed it. This means that you will lose some of the stuff that you have collected from the chests, and this is really really bad.

    We are fixing this right now and updating the game in an hour or so. The update should be available in Google Play in 8-12 hours after that. We are really sorry about this.

    If you see this message, PLEASE SEND US A TICKET via the in-game support chat and we will compensate you with gems.

  • Re: How can I post a track here

    Go to your Create Menu in the game, then tap any of your levels in your published level list, and choose the "share" icon. Then you can "Copy URL to Clipboard" and then paste it here on the forum! :) I hope this helps

    (Share icon in Android:

    Share icon in iOS:
  • Re: [INFO] Tournaments Info & Feedback

    @Nzo37 There will be Bike Tournaments coming as well, but so far we have had more Car Tournaments as it's a bit more popular vehicle and it's also easier for also beginners to grasp :)
  • Re: [DEV] Anniversary Stream Q&A and Creation Challenge

    Thanks @packid851bbr I'm glad you like the art! We will post this info in the game as well later this week to make sure all players (not just Forum people) see it! But you can already spread the link to your friends so we get as many questions as possible within the next 2 weeks ^^ Thanks!