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  • Re: Rate after finish

    That's a complicated issue, because sometimes the level is really bad and long, and it would be cruel to make people finish the level before they can say their opinion about it. I am not sure how it would affect our rating system overall if everyone would have to finish the level before rating, but I will bring this issue up in our next meeting. Thank you for the feedback! :)
  • Re: Tournament Choosing

    Hi everyone. The levels we use are picked based on how fun they are to play. The host (eg. YouTuber) is a separate thing, and the level doesn't necessarily have to be created by the Host. For some of the hosts we (Traplight team) have created the levels, but we are also looking for hosts that create their own, awesome levels for the Tournament :) For example DeJota did his level, and we chose him because he is a great level maker! We have similar stuff coming up, and we might even organise some competitions to find new, exciting levels to use in the Tournaments :) So don't worry, it's not about being famous, it's about the quality, and the whole community has a chance to get their levels featured in the Tournaments. If you think you found an awesome Racing level that you think should be a Tournament level, please let us know! We appreciate all ideas, as have only limited amount of people playing through the levels. Cheers!
  • Re: Suggest new hats!

    @SchwiftyRick I don't know which CoC Hog Rider or Fallout hats you are talking about! We happen to have a "stylish hair and mustache", and a "post apocalyptic helmet" ;) But yea, the thing is that they are different enough from the originals that inspired us that it is not considered a copyright infringement. So technically it could be also possible to create a hair that looks a bit like Rick's hair from the cartoon :) We'll keep that in mind, but we cannot promise anything. I think more hairstyles would be nice to have anyway, as there aren't many at the moment.
  • Re: One of my threads disappeared/got deleted?

    @Schwifty_Rick There is already a huge thread about how to get all the secret hats. According to our Community Rules you are supposed to always first check if there is already a thread about the subject before posting. Duplicate threads will be removed :) I Hope you understand! Here is the original thread: How do you get all the secret hats?
  • Re: Suggest new hats!

    @Schwifty_Rick Hi there. Unfortunately Rick and Morty is a copyrighted cartoon, and we can't use their characters or their likenesses in our game without buying a licence first, and that is something that we won't be doing at this point :)