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  • Re: Underrated Game

    Thanks guys, your comments mean the world to us! <3 We will keep making cool games and updates, and hopefully one of them will get the appreciation that you guys think they deserve! As said before, all our games will have some User Created things in them, so let's hope people will like them and that you guys will like them as well! Cheers! :)
  • Re: Creation suggestion

    Good feedback, thank you @tml ! I have posted this to the rest of our company, and we will definitely think what to do about this issue in the future :) Thank you for being patient with us. We are constantly learning more about User-Generated Content, and what Creators need and want in our games. We will do our best to improve all the time, and make sure our games are The Best Possible Experience for all kinds of creative players :) Cheers!
  • Re: Comment levels

    There is a discussion about this exact topic already, and there are also answers from me and @Barb there :) Go check it out and continue discussion there. I will close this discussion now to avoid double threads.

    Thread: Wouldn't you guys to like to be comments on the levels that you make?
  • Re: Placing multiple items on a track design

    Yes, you can select the one speed ramp you have added to the level and then press the multiply icon (two round symbols on top of each other). Now you have two speed ramps! Or you can just go to the items menu and select the speed ramp again. These instructions apply for all items :)

  • Re: Cactus Plant Decoration Suggestion

    It's really nice! Altho we are pretty busy at the moment and we cannot promise any new decorations for a while :) We'll put this on the wish list tho!